Google Analytics Access

To grant Google Analytics access, please follow these steps.

Login to your Google Analytics account here:

Click on the blue button “Start Measuring

Click on “All Website Data”

You will see 3 columns,

In “Analytics Accounts” Select the account you want to grant access.

In “Property & Apps” select the property

In Views Column select “All Web Site Data”

After selecting the property and its data, click on “Admin” in bottom left.

In Admin section, click on “Account Access Management”

In Account Access Management, you will see a blue plus icon on top right. Click it and it will ask you about  adding user “Add Users”,  “Add User Group”. Click on “Add Users”

A new window will open and here you can enter our email address as

Set the user role as “Administrator” and click on blue button on top right “Add”.

That’s It, we will get an email notification, and have access to the website Google Analytics.